Dunkin’ Donut Review


Design By: Ally Piatkowski

Eclair Donut

I was not surprised that this donut tasted as good as it did. I have always loved the mini frozen eclairs that were available in stores, so a larger version is exactly what I was looking for at Dunkin’. The oval-shaped donut had creamy chocolate icing and a cream cheese filling that actually filled up the whole donut. The eclair is definitely at the top of my list and is my only recommendation for trying new donuts at Dunkin’.

Maple Donut

This donut was unexpectedly decent because I am not a fan of maple-flavored foods. The plain donut had some maple icing on it, which gave it a little bit of a fall-like taste. I only took a couple of bites, but what I did eat was very sweet, but not too overpowering. It definitely is not an over-the-top type of donut. The icing is not too strong, which can be good or bad depending on if you are a maple lover or not. It is a simple donut with a hint of flavoring, but it was not a favorite of mine.

Strawberry Iced Jelly Donut

Surprisingly, this is at the top of my list for tasty donuts. Strawberry flavoring has not always been my favorite, but this has the right amount of sweetness in it. The icing is actually quite creamy and makes it taste better than the donuts that have the harder icing on top. There were also little pink sprinkles to match the strawberry theme and the strawberry jelly inside made it even better. It had a tart aftertaste, but it contained the perfect level of sweetness. I probably could not eat the whole donut at once, but the few bites I took made it worth it. 

Chocolate-Filled Powdered Donut

Since this donut has the word “chocolate” in the name, I was ready to really enjoy it, but it was not how I expected it to taste. The bread itself actually tasted a little different than the other donuts I taste-tested and threw the rest of the flavor off. The chocolate filling could have been filled up a little more, but it was decent at best. It also was not the powder-topping I was expecting and it was more like sugar sprinkled on top. Overall, the taste did not meet my expectations, but it is not the last on my list.