Officer Q leads senior girls through self defense workshop

Irma Bruce

Three years ago, Columbus East resource officer Julie Quesenbery decided with her colleague to create a self defense workshop to empower young women. The workshop is titled S. A. F. E. (Situational Awareness for Everyday) and gives girls the tools and information they need to keep themselves safe in real-life situations.

“I am here to empower women, and make them feel more confident,” said Officer Quesenbery.

Quesenbery, who became Columbus East’s resource officer in 2014, held the third annual self defense workshop for senior girls yesterday, March 7th. The workshop lasted the entire day and food was provided for the students that participated.

The first part of the workshop took place in room C104 with presentations and information about sex crimes and campus assault. Then, the officers covered survival signals, personal safety and awareness of other people’s predatory behavior. The second part of the day took place in the wrestling room, where students learned physical defensive tactics.

The physical tactics were probably the most exciting part for the girls because they learned how to “kick butt.” Various self defense moves were demonstrated before students were allowed to practice.

Through the workshop, participants learned that just because they may be smaller than their attacker, they are fully capable of standing up for themselves.