Freshmen First Impressions


Caroline Emerick

What a great start to a new year at East! With all of the new teachers and students here it looks like it’s heading to a great school year. But let’s focus in on the freshman for this year. I myself am a freshman this year and it’s been amazing so far! So I went around and met some of the other freshman and asked them their thoughts on their first week of high school.

First, let’s meet Rose Abshire:
When I asked her how she felt about her first week she said “It was tiring but otherwise fine”
What she was nervous about was, “I didn’t want to get lost, so that made me nervous.”
Does she like East more than her previous middle school (Northside,Central,St. Bartholomew, ect.)? She said, “East is so much better because of all the diversity here.”
What was she most excited about for this year? Rose said, “I’m excited about learning how to navigate my way around the school and seeing all the different classes here.”

Next, I met Gavin Edgecomb:
His thoughts on his first week are that “he feels good about how it went.”
He said that he was nervous about getting lost.
When I asked him what he likes about East he said “I like how they give us more freedom.”
He said that the hardest part about starting his year here was “The amount of work, like homework, we have to do.”

Following Gavin’s interview, I met Danielle Campbell:
She feels that after her first week here that she is “excited for this year and also tired.”
Danielle said that she was most nervous about “getting to all of her classes on time.”
When I asked her if she liked East more or less she said “I actually like it less because there are so many different halls and my middle school was much smaller.”
The hardest part about starting here was “getting into the flow of finding my classes.”
She said that she is most excited about “taking Japanese because it’s a new language for me.”

Lastly I interviewed Jesse Schroer:
He feels “more confident” now that he finished his first week.
He said that he was most nervous about “running his schedule”.
When I asked him if he liked East more he said “Yes, I like it much more”.
Jesse said that the hardest part for him was “memorizing his schedule”.
Lastly he is most excited about the football games.

It seems like the 2018-2019 school year is going to be great for the Olympians!