Dolphins VS Whales

Cayden Rooks - Dolphins

Dolphins are one of the coolest and smartest animals in the world. The dolphins brain is 4 to 5 times bigger than that of other animals its size. Dolphins also have a very complex system of communication that humans don’t really understand yet. Another reason why dolphins are so cool is because they love to play. Dolphins look to build relationships with others out of playing. According to Dolphin-Intelligence many tests have been done where scientist have dolphins watch television and the dolphins get very curious and they show interest about the images that are on the T.V. Also, they are one of the only animals to pass the “mirror test”. This test involves scientists placing a dot or something on the animals head and having them look into a mirror. The dolphins can look in the mirror and tell that it’s them because they try and rub the dot off. Other animals will not rub the dot off because they don’t realize that it’s them. This is why dolphins are one of the coolest and smartest animals in the world.  

Jake Schoenegge - Whale boi

Whales are the biggest mammals on planet Earth. They range from sizes to as big as cars to as big as buildings. Whales help us clean our oceans from the tiny little shrimp that are basically the insects of the ocean. Whales are friendly giants that are nothing but kind to the humans of the Earth. Whales are involved in some of the best stories ever created. These stories include Moby Dick, Free Willy, and in the Heart of the Sea. These gigantic beasts do nothing but eat and swim. They can protect themselves really easily because of their huge size that warns off predators. Whales also communicate with each other through high pitched sounds that travel through the water and reach other whales. The bigger the whale the less they have to be in pods and can be more of an individual. Whales help our environment in an abundance as well. Their poop helps offset the carbon in the atmosphere. All these cool facts just reassure that Whales are the best animals in the world.


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