Ham vs. Turkey


Jake Schoenegge – Ham

Throughout the years people have always thought that turkey is the meat to eat during the holidays, but as time has gone by more people are switching to the more dominate and superior meat of ham. People have been switching from turkey to ham because of the taste and the fact that ham is an easier and more convenient option. Ham comes from pigs and here in Indiana we have some of the best pigs in the world. That means that the ham you eat during the holidays come straight from your backyard, rather than being shipped hundreds of miles and have to be preserved for transportation. Instead of dealing with some meat that you have no idea where it came from, you get a wonderful ham dinner that has not been anywhere outside of Indiana. All these reasons just prove that ham is by far the best meat to eat during the holidays.

Cayden Rooks – Turkey

Since the beginning of Thanksgiving the turkey has been the star of the show. On every table for thanksgiving there is always a big turkey. Who could imagine a Thanksgiving without the turkey? Even children know what the turkey looks like. You can probably remember being a kid in school and your teacher having you trace your hand and turn it into a turkey when it was around Thanksgiving time. Those really were some of the best days of school as a kid.  Turkey isn’t just there for Thanksgiving though, people eat it all year-round. It has really good health benefits too. Turkey has eight grams of protein per ounce. So in the question of which is better between turkey and ham, the turkey steals the show.


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