Dewhirst’s Departure

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Dewhirst’s Departure

Kylie Brooks

The 2018-2019 school year is Genevra (Nevie) Dewhirst’s last year at East.

Dewhirst has been teaching at East since 2001, but she has been a teacher since 1985. She taught a range of classes within the English subject, as well as American Studies, Public Speaking, and Drama.

“My mom and dad are in their 80s and they’re really starting to fail. I have a mother-in-law who’s in her 80s and she’s in England,” Dewhirst said.

Dewhirst really needs to be with family right now. Moving to Pennsylvania would result in only having to take one flight there, instead of two or three from Indiana.

“I’d be happy to sub. I’d be happy to be a tutor. Maybe I’ll do something else, I don’t know. It’s open,” Dewhirst said.

Dewhirst said that she’s taught every grade in English, from standard level to honors and AP, but liked teaching freshman the most.

“They’re like deer in headlights, because they’re just new, it’s a new building. It just seems really big and scary,” Dewhirst said. “To watch them as freshman grow, and then to get them again when they’re seniors is cool because you know who they are.”

One of the main reasons Dewhirst said she became a teacher was so she could be a mom to her daughter, but she still wanted more kids than she had.

“I have all of you guys, so I do have kids. You’re not my kids, but I like to think that I helped your folks raise you in a little bit of a way, which is kind of nice,” Dewhirst said.

Although it will be sad to see her go, Dewhirst talks about keeping in touch with former students through Facebook.

“I have found that I am on Facebook and a lot of my ex-students that have gone on are on Facebook too and that’s a great way to communicate,” Dewhirst said.

After teaching at East for 17 years, Dewhirst will be leaving. We thank her for her time at East and for making English classes fun and engaging.

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