A Holiday Better Than Christmas

Elise LaSell

December is largely focused on the family tradition of Christmas, but my family has had an extra wintertime tradition in December for as long as I have been alive. Seventeen years ago it was set in stone by my grandma that every first weekend of December, or as close to her birthday as possible, we would have ‘cookie day’.

The original concept of cookie day for my family first started when my grandma was a little girl. Her and her mom made cookies to sell during the winter months in order to make extra money for Christmas gifts, but now it just has turned into an act of kindness. We give others these nice treats, and we experience the joy of spending the time all day baking together.

Every year more and more cookies are added, making it a large, over-the-top deal each time we all join together. We originally did all the baking that day, but now because of all the different kinds of cookies and truffles we make, and the slight obvious fact there is only 24 hours in a day, we have to start all the baking the day before.

Absolutely no shame to men in the kitchen, but this has always been a female holiday . One year, my papa surprised us all by his German chocolate cake baking skills, but it has always been a tradition that it is more of a girl thing. My grandma, mom, aunt, cousin, sister, and I do all the cookie baking labor. In 2012, however, when my boy cousin Carsen was born, we had to bend the rules slightly. He gets to help ice sugar cookies and gingerbread men for about an hour so he doesn’t feel too left out on this special day.

A saying we always like to say on this day is, “Cookie Day is even better than Christmas.” This quote is the most honest thing I have ever said. During the winter months, all of society is known for getting too caught up into the huge hype of Christmas, but for my family, spending time with family is the best gift anyone will ever receive.