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Getting Fit for Fun


With social media’s recent trends of posting workout regimens and the ever-exclusive millionaire morning routines, multiple people feel they are not able to stay fit unless they follow difficult practice plans. However, there is an inclusive workout for all ages: CrossFit.

CrossFit is a large variety of different exercises and one of the most inclusive workouts, as the training can be morphed into whatever level the person is readily available to complete. In addition, this form of fitness can double as a therapy for injured muscles.

Steve Hambling, a Paleontology, Astronomy and Biology teacher at East, and Dell Hambling, the Physics teacher at East, own their own CrossFit gym: CrossFit Ripcord in Columbus, Indiana. They have both spent large portions of their life managing the gym.

“I was doing CrossFit for a number of years and then the gym I was at closed,” S. Hambling said. “So my wife and I, and two other people, took it over.”

The gym is located near the Ashford Park Apartments and only a mere seven minutes away from East. In addition, the gym features new and unique workouts every day, whether that includes jogging, burpees or weight lifting.

However, CrossFit in recent years has gained some malignant light based on the difficulty or incredulity of certain fitness techniques such as muscle-ups and kipping, both forms of pull-ups. These are extremely advanced techniques and no one is judged if they can not succeed in completing them.

“Crossfit has sort of a bad name for being really difficult and really grind you into the ground,” S. Hambling said. “It can be, but it doesn’t have to be…Every single movement that we do is completely scalable.”

While every gym is different, CrossFit can always be tailored to the person’s specific needs and abilities. The CrossFit community itself is extremely welcoming and the coaches guide any participants through exercises they have never done before.

“Honestly, just setting your fear aside of [CrossFit] and coming in the doors and seeing that it’s doable by anybody,” S. Hambling said. “That’s the biggest thing.”


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