Seniors awarded scholarships at Youth Leadership Bartholomew County

YLBC scholarship winners  seniors Alex Galle,left, Kira Singer, Maddie Albright, Katie Emmert, Bryn Eudy and Rebecca Smith pose for a photo.

CEHS News staff

September 14, 2015

Monday, high school seniors from around the county gathered to build leadership skills. Youth Leadership Bartholomew County was made up of over 200 students from Columbus East, Columbus North, Columbus Signature Academy, Hauser, as well as home schooled students. YLBC, which has been giving students...

Juniors look forward to joining National Art Honor Society

Juniors Madie Shehan (left) and Ashlyn Mills (right) work on projects during 2D art.

Mackenzie Brown, Writer

September 9, 2015

All over the United States, schools teach art classes. East offers 2D art, 3D art, photography, and graphic design. By being a junior or senior and having earned at least an A- in at least two semesters of these art classes, students can get invited to be in the National Art Honor Society (NAHS). NAHS...

East welcomes new exchange students

East welcomes new exchange students

Austin Lewis and Reilly Jones

August 27, 2015

For a Southern Indiana town, Columbus has an impressive representation of different cultures. Cummins, Inc. brings in engineers from all over the world, making Columbus a culturally diverse place to live. Fortunately, Columbus East mirrors this diversity by bringing in foreign exchange students every...

Heavy backpacks an inconvenience for East students

Sophomore Amanda Heideman displays her heavy backpack. According to Heideman,

Olivia Fahey, Writer

August 27, 2015

East’s school nurse, Mrs. Kinnaird, noted that carrying around a heavy backpack all day can cause shoulder pain and lower back pain.

What’s In Your Lunch?

What's In Your Lunch?

Josie Royer, Natalie Ryan, and Lauren Schumacher

August 25, 2015

Lunchtime. There are those who go off, and those who buy school food. But what about the students who pack their own lunch? Do they try to eat healthy or pack solely for convenience? Do they carry reusable lunch boxes or throw everything away? So we decided to ask, “What’s in your lunch box?” Also...