Meet the Staff: Vibha Srinivasan

Aiden Nesci, Staff Reporter

An inspiring person is someone who can find creative impulses out of mundane things. They can find inspiration in the most basic things and make them into something truly amazing. The inspiration can come from almost anything, like a person or a painting.

Sophomore Vibha Srinivasan is inspired through her writing. When she is bored, she writes in her journal. English is her favorite subject because she gets to write and express herself more than she would in another class.

“Outside of school I mostly like to write,” Srinivasan said. “I will write anything which is probably why english is my favorite subject.”

Srinivasan will write anything, but poems are her favorite form of writing. When she is bored she writes poems about whatever is on her mind.

“I’ve gotten into poetry near the end of middle school because we had to do a lot of poetry contests in class, and I really liked those. Now when I’m bored, I’ll write poems.” Srinivasan said.

Srinivasan has been involved in a few different poetry contests. Although the contests were through her school, they were not any less meaningful. 

“I did win one [poetry contest] actually. But it turned out that they were contests that almost everyone won. So everyone in my grade was in the poetry book they gave us,” Srivinasan said.

Srinivasan also sees herself as an outgoing person. The best example of this is writing on her free time. During free time, most people would probably be on their phones or playing outside. But Srinivasan will be writing poetry instead of doing something else.

With Srinivasan’s inspiration, she can make amazing things. Someday she hopes to be an inspiration for other people. She doesn’t believe she is there yet but she hopes to be someday soon.