Meet the Staff: Emily Siefert

Joycee Redman, Staff Reporter

Emily Siefert is a sophomore at East. She is also a returning member of The Oracle this year. Siefert enjoys journalism, however, it may be just a hobby for her in the future.

“I mean I like journalism, but I don’t know if I would like doing that every single day because even this gets tiring sometimes,” Siefert said. 

A hobby Siefert is most proud of is marching band. She is a returning member of the East marching band this year. She even addressed marching band as one of her most recent accomplishments.

“It’s not like a big thing, but I’m getting better at marching. I mean I was kinda trash last year,” Siefert said. 

Siefert was introduced to band in grade six by her father, who did band in school, after her brother previously joined. To start off, she did band during the summer of grade six where she learned simpler songs to get the players used to their instruments. By grades seven and eight, band became an actual class for Siefert and not an extracurricular during recess.

“After eighth-grade band, you automatically go to marching band … and I did it because I really didn’t want to do P.E. and I was like, it could be fun, cause I kinda know how to do it, but not at all. Like I know how to play but I don’t know how to march at all,” Siefert said. 

Siefert is most strongly influenced by her brother’s girlfriend, Kylia Newbold, for a couple of reasons.

“She’s really hard-working, but she also complains a lot, but she just helps it out,” Siefert said.

Newbold has impacted Siefert more strongly than others, making her Siefert’s role model.

“I know that she doesn’t give up, but even when she wants to she just keeps going,” Siefert said.

Siefert can use Newbold’s inspiration to never give up and it helps influence her to not quit. This helps her with multiple aspects of her life, such as marching band and journalism.