Harry Styles Releases “Fine Line” Album


Ally Piatkowski, Social Media Editor

Ever since the split of one direction in 2015, each member has become an independent artist. This includes the 25-year-old singer and songwriter Harry Styles. Styles just released his second album, “Fine Line,” which was released on Dec. 13. 

The album was first teased by the release of three songs, “Watermelon Sugar”, “Lights Up” and “Adore You.” Soon after those releases, the former One Direction member released ten more songs, making his new album a twelve-track. His self-titled debut album is 100 percent Harry Styles, with no collaborators. 

Following a song on his last album, “Kiwi,” Styles has two songs named after fruit on this album, solidifying the fact that is is a “summer album lost in the dead of winter” as he said in an interview with Vulture. 

The pop-rock mixed album was confirmed to be written about his recent ex-girlfriend and Victoria’s Secret model, Camille Rowe. 

With 12 songs and an overall length of around 50 minutes, there is something for everyone on Harry Styles’ new album, “Fine Line.”