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It Ends With Us


Colleen Hoover, a popular book writer, wrote and published a book: It Ends With Us. This book was published on February 19, 2016. It became popular within 8 years, then Hoover decided to publish the second book to it, It Starts With Us on October 18, 2022. 

It Ends With Us is a romance novel about a girl who starts dating a boy who brings back trauma from the girl’s past with her abusive father. Hoover had expressed this book as “the hardest book I’ve ever written”. 

Since the book became incredibly popular, Sony Pictures decided to turn this into a movie. It stars Blake Lively, Justin Baldoni, and Brandon Sklenar. They started filming this movie in May 2023. According to US Magazine, the release date was moved back to June 21, 2024, whenever the original release date was February 9, 2024. 

It Ends With Us is a very well-known book many teenagers enjoy, mainly young women. This novel is very powerful and has many themes behind it. Some being emotional abuse and jealousy. 

The biggest lesson of the book has to be that it is harder for someone to leave the one they love, even for the betterment of themselves. 

I would recommend this book because it could help someone get out of abuse and tell them that it is not okay to be abused. It informs readers that it is possible to break the cycle of abuse and there is no reason to go through it. 

This book is full of challenges and requires so many strengths to overcome the challenges. It Ends With Us gave me numerous amount of emotions that tell a lot about this book. It is one of my top 10 books!

Watch the movie It Ends With Us, coming out late June in theaters!

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