Meet the Staff: Alli Barnette

Haili Smith, Staff Reporter

Besides working at McAlister’s Deli, hanging with her friends and roller skating, junior Alli Barnette has a passion for writing.  

When Barnette was about six years old, her and her grandmother would sit around and read books. 

“I got really into reading and I just wanted to make my own,” Barnette said.

Her first time getting recognized for her work was in fifth grade.

“She read my writing to the class and told me that I should become a writer.” Barnette said.

It wasn’t until 9th grade when English teacher Julie Hult expanded her love for writing. Barnette then decided to take newspaper her sophomore year. This is now her second year on newspaper staff. 

“Every once in a while my writing for newspaper will get popular, ” Barnette said.

Barnette enjoys spreading news through her writing. She has a passion for writing about events in school. 

“I used to enjoy writing fictional stories, until I got into newspaper. Now I like to write about anything I’m passionate about,” Barnette said.

One of her most popular stories from last year was “The Grind Dont Stop”, which was more of Mr. Taube’s point of view on the grind circle at formal. Another story she was recognized for was “Juuling and Schooling”, which focused on the issue of juuling in school. 

Barnette may have some family influences when it comes to her writing abilities. 

“My grandma and sister paint a lot, so I feel like that’s where I get my creativity,” Barnette said.

This creativity is sparked when Barnette is in a relaxing environment.

“When I [write at home], I like it in comfy clothes, chill music, and just [being] away from everyone,” Barnette said.

Be on the lookout for Barnettes writing; you will be seeing a lot of it this year. Look for her work on the CEHS News website or in The Oracle.