Meet the Staff: Taylor Glady

Ally Piatkowski, Social Media Editor

For many of us, softball is simply a game similar to baseball, with a pitcher, ball and a bat. For sophomore Taylor Glady, softball has become more than a game.

Glady did not begin playing softball from a young age. In fact, she was introduced to the game after quitting volleyball in the winter of eighth grade, and picking up her new passion in the winter. 

Despite the late start to the game, it did not stop her from being motivated to work extra hard on the field. Due to connections within her family, she was able to join her grandfather’s softball team and her freshman year was her first time being on a school team.

Glady spoke up about the highs and lows of transitioning from her grandfather’s team to the Columbus East women’s softball team.

“I usually only played right on his team, but when I came in as a clueless freshman and they put me in at third base, catching, right and left it made me so scared,” Glady said.  

Despite the fear, Glady proved herself worthy to her team and coaches and started JV as a freshman in almost every game. Looking back, she realized how thankful she was for the opportunities she has been given and now has a close friendship with the girls she plays with. 

“Making sure everyone else is out there trying just as hard as you are is such a key factor with my teammates and I. And trust. Knowing you have their back and they have yours throughout everything is so important,” Glady said. 

For this upcoming season Glady is expecting to make “a bigger impact on the school and team during the year,” as well as a win against Columbus North, the crosstown rivalry.