What To Do To Stay Organized

Taylor Glady, Staff Reporter

When it comes to being organized, this can be a difficult task to accomplish. It can feel overwhelming at times and may feel like a never-ending mess of clutter. To stay organized, people must know what they need and what they do not need at the time.

Don’t try to multitask.

Though it sounds like it will slow down the process of work, this is the correct way to stay focused and on task. Try to finish one job in a short amount of time instead of trying to complete multiple tasks at once in a more extended amount of time. Staying focused on one topic at a time will be beneficial to staying organized with a lot of work.

Have some type of planner or notebook to write down classwork that needs to be completed.

Make a list of the things that need to be completed. Spread the workload throughout the day or week. This will help students not to feel like their workload is too heavy to handle and that the tasks are impossible to achieve.

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Turn your notifications off on your phone while working on school work.

When working, this is helpful because it does not cause a distraction. If there is no distraction, then the work is most likely going to go faster, and there will be a smooth workflow. This also helps when trying to stay focused on your work for classes.

Make sure the workspace is clean.

Having a clean area to work in is helpful because there is no time taken away to look for the materials you need when working. When the desk or work area is cluttered, it can cause people to lose focus and to stray away from the daily goals that they need to achieve.