A Legacy Left Behind: The Life of Ruth Bader Ginsburg Still Living Today

The start of many changes for women and their rights were all brought up by one very powerful woman. Ruth Bader Ginsburg played a large role in how women are treated and made it possible for women to be a part of today’s society. Ginsburg’s advocating for women’s rights began very early in her adult life and she continued to have no hesitation to push past all the hardships.

Photo Credit: The New York Times

The spark came to Ginsburg as she entered Harvard University. Right away she encountered a variety of struggles within her law classes as there were very few women participating. People within the community, teachers and classmates belittled all of the women involved in law school and believed they did not have what it takes. 

Ginsburg turned her ear the other way. As she advanced on through her college career, Ginsburg graduated with very impressive credentials but was still unable to find any work that could support her and her family. As she picked up little jobs throughout the years, she eventually found herself being appointed to the U.S. Supreme Court in 1980. However, the huge jump in positions raised many questions within the government. 

These questions only caused her to look for changes she could improve upon to benefit women nationwide. Ginsburg wanted to eliminate the gender-based stereotypes within legislation and society. She argued a number of topics, regarding gender discrimination, discriminatory pay, sexual assault in the workforce and abortion were her main focal points. Her work simply changed how women lived their daily lives.  

After her passing on Sept. 18, these topics are still in place as of right now. However, the nominee for Ginsburg’s replacement was introduced, and questions regarding her ideas and beliefs are being continuously asked throughout the media. Changes made by Ginsburg have yet to be exchanged or transformed, and her legacy will continue to live strong and aid society for years to come.