Caroline’s Craft Corner: Trying TikTok DIYs


The social media app Tik Tok is a worldwide app known for video sharing. Most popularly, dances can be seen on every “For You” page, but what is also quite common is DIY’s or hacks relating to easy to make decor. So today, I have chosen to try one of these crafts to see if they are truly as easy as they seem.

Recycled Bottle Clouds


  • Empty non-reusable water bottle
  • Poly Fill fluff
  • Hot glue
  • Fishing line
  • Scissors


  1. With the water bottle, tear off the label so the water bottle is plain.
  2. (Optional) Cut the bottle open so on the side then set a spool of fairy lights inside and glue it shut. Remote operated ones work best.
  3. Turning the bottle horizontally, use the glue gun and coat evenly around the bottle with glue.
  4. Next, before the glue cools, set the Poly Fill fluff onto the glue.
  5. Continue gluing the fluff all around the bottle until the entire surface is covered.
  6. With the scissors, cut the fishing line to the desired length. (Mine was two to three feet long)
  7. Double that length up and glue both ends to the top of the bottle creating a loop.

Surprisingly, this craft was not too difficult to make, unlike others featured on Tik Tok. Remember to check back for part two of this series, “Trying Tik Tok DIY’s,” in Caroline’s Craft Corner.