The Grounds of Becoming a Better Country


On Feb. 7 2023 President Joe Biden gave a State of the Union address talking about employment, unemployment, gun violence, inflation, Ukraine and the infrastructure.

Recently, unemployment has decreased and employment has begun to grow. “I stand here tonight, after we’ve created, with the help of many people in this room, 12 million new jobs,” Biden said. “more jobs created in two years than any President has created in four years.”

These jobs include programming, website development, construction, technicians, software development, business development and counseling.

He also addressed the gun violence that had taken place during the Lunar New Year involving 26 year old Brandon Tsay who tackled a gunman that was standing at the door of Brandon’s workplace. “He saved lives,” Biden said. “It’s time we do the same. Ban assault weapons now!”

Inflation reached its peak in 2022 and it is still a problem this year. Though inflation has slightly gone down, the president knows that there is more work to be done. “Here at home, inflation is coming down,” Biden said. “Here at home, gas prices are down $1.50 from their peak.”

In 2021, inflation increased home food products by 3.5 percent and restaurant food by 4.5 percent. In 2022, inflation increased gas by 33.8 percent. Inflation decreased by 6.5 percent in the past six months.

Russia and Ukraine have been at war since Feb. 2022. America stepped in to help Ukraine providing 19.2 billion dollars in military assistance. “Putin’s unfair and brutal war in Ukraine disrupted energy supplied as well as food supplies,” Biden said. “Putin’s invasion has been a test for the ages- a test for America, a test for the world.” 

America has dropped from number one in infrastructure to number thirteen. Infrastructure is needed to keep the economy strong and the only way to improve infrastructure is to have people come together. 

“Now we’re coming back because we came together and passed the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law,” Biden said. “The largest investment in infrastructure since President Eisenhower’s Interstate Highway System.” 

Though this address happens around the same time every year so it came as no surprise to Americans, the issues addressed have been issues long overdue. Americans may be very relieved to hear the remarks from the address and feel as though their worries have been understood.


Design by Grace McMahon