Friday Feuds: When are you too old to Trick-or-treat?

Drew Hasson and Thomas Myers

Drew Hasson

Every Halloween, kids of all ages roam the streets Trick-or-treating. Some people think that there is an age limit to trick-or-treat. The age of where most people believe kids should stop is around the age of 12. I am one of those people who think that there is an age to stop. The appropriate age to stop is when one reaches 6th grade. Trick-or-treating at a young age is a normal thing and almost every kid does it, but there comes a time when kids must stop. The parents that hand out candy sometimes do get annoyed when older kids come to their door. Some homes may not give the older kids candy. The parents will get annoyed with kids that are old, therefore the kids past elementary school should not be trick-or-treating and should let the younger kids enjoy their time.

Thomas Myers

From the beginning of time young children go out every night of October 31st and trick-or-treat. Some people say there is a age limit to trick-or-treating, but as long as you're having fun and being safe, you can trick or treat as long as you want. Parents should not care how long you trick-or-treat; they should be happy everyone is enjoying their Halloween. Kids start to trick-or-treat when they are young, but there is no reason to stop if you're having fun. Young and old people love to dress up, so it doesn't mean you should stop trick-or-treating; it means you should continue to do what you're passionate about.

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