Friday Feuds: Pancakes vs Waffles

Ben Allen and Thomas Myers

Thomas Myers (Pancakes)

Pancakes are clearly better than waffles in multiple ways. Pancakes were invented in the 15th century while waffles were invented in the 18th century, therefore people have been eating pancakes longer and enjoying their fluffy, delicious taste. Pancakes are much easier to butter. Waffles are hard and have holes, which makes them harder to butter and eat. Toppings are a lot easier to spread on your pancake, like chocolate chips and blueberries. Pancakes can be served in short or tall stacks, and everyone knows more is better. Pancakes are easier to share with your friends because you can cut them with ease. Pancakes have a lot less fat than a waffle, making them healthy yet still enjoyable.

Ben Allen (Waffles)

The benefits of waffles heavily outweigh the benefits of pancakes. To start, you can fill the holes of a waffle with syrup, whereas the syrup just runs off of a pancake. Waffles make a great meal when paired with many different things. Chicken and waffles, for example, is a classic southern comfort food. Pair your waffle with eggs and bacon, and you have a full breakfast. Waffles paved the way for many other food items. Waffle fries and waffle cones are some of the more common waffle-themed spins on common foods. Some local places that offer quality waffles at a fair price include Waffle House, Bob Evans, and even the International House of Pancakes(IHOP). THis just goes to show that waffles are better than pancakes.

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