America’s Favorite Fried Potato

Alex Schumacher, Arts and Entertainment Writer

The french fry has always been a topic of discussion among people of all ages and despite the mass amount of variation between each restaurant, it still begs the age old question: which fast food chain houses the greatest fried, artery clogging treat?

Here is my totally subjective opinions on the top 5 best fast food restaurant fries:


McDonald's Fries

This restaurant is an American classic, and for me not to include their french fries would be a sin. While I personally do not love the full entrees of McDonald's, their fries are still something to be admired.


Arby's Curly Fries

The thing that Arby’s prides itself the most in is its french fries. Taking a spin on the classic fry, Arby’s goes bold and curls them around in a fun and well seasoned fashion.


Steak ‘n Shake Cheese Fries

Having this on my list may upset some because this fry has been changed by adding hot cheese to it. However, fundamentally this is still a french fry and deserves a spot in all our hearts and also on this list.


Wendy's Fries

This fry has nothing overly fancy on the outside. The thickness is neither too thick nor too thin, which is always a factor to consider when comparing fries. On the inside, however, the slight crispness and soft bite makes this fry an exceptional contender on this list.


Chick-fil-A Waffle-Cut Fries

These fries are among the absolute best on the fry market. The waffle cut fries are not only a fun and spunky shape, they also bring a phenomenal crisp factor that few fast food restaurants can replicate.

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