Redefining Dating for 2018

Shelby Gordon, Opinion Editor

Honestly, I have been in two relationships within my highschool career and I still do not know how to define dating. What does dating even encompass in today’s social climate?

Typically dating involves two people who label themselves as a “couple”. But what does it mean to be a couple in high school? Is it even dating?

In high school, relationships often revolve around hanging out during the school day, or more so at lunch, and occasionally hanging out outside of the academic atmosphere, usually with other peers.

However the term dating is often construed. Dating in high school typically only lasts a few months if not less. So how much of that other person do you really know enough of in order for it to be considered dating?

Often times these so-called “relationships” end in a mess of drama. Maybe I’m just bitter towards the idea of dating but it’s not as if these relationships will result in marriage.

If students find themselves within these relationships, I think there should be rules defining what dating really is and what it is not.

For starters, three is a crowd, dating is a two person deal. It is not you, your significant other plus your best friend or whoever else. Third parties tend to start insignificant and petty drama regardless of their good intentions.

Secondly, dating does not give entitlement to be intimate. If you are with someone simply to hook up, you should probably reconsider your intentions.  

Thirdly, dating is not an ego booster. You should not date someone to make yourself look better to others especially if you aren’t that committed to a long lasting relationship with that person.

Lastly, high school relationships are not based upon real love most of the time, typically it’s being infatuated with someone else. Infatuation often leads to a relationship crashing and burning due to the lack of knowledge you know over the person you are dating.

While dating isn’t taken seriously among high school students it is important to understand that dating takes respect, patience, commitment and maturity.

If you are someone who has no respect for others feelings and boundaries, dating is not for you. If you are someone who does not understand patience, dating is not for you. If you are someone who has commitment problems; again, dating is definitely not for you because dating requires a lot of it. Also, dating requires a lot of maturity especially when it comes to being with someone who is not the same as you are, and if that is hard to handle, dating is not for you.

Students should understand what dating encompasses before being in a relationship with another person in order to have better reputations with peers and to succeed better socially with others.

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