The Rumors Behind Crocs Is Crocs Shutting Down?

Alli Barnette

Whether you love them or hate them, you know about Crocs. The flexible and comfortable clog has became the center of attention when rumors of the company shutting down started to spread in August. With its millions of designs and colors, most people didn’t want the company to stop making its beloved shoes. The question is, is Crocs shutting down and if they are why?


Croc’s popularity has just been growing this past year. Their sales have actually risen 59% this year. Even the rapper Post Malone loves crocs, and has actually made his own line of them. Crocs are even loved by some hospitals for their patients. In my opinion, Crocs would be insane to shut down. Thankfully, they are not shutting down. It was actually a major misunderstanding.


Crocs announced that they were closing down the last of their manufacturing facilities and announced that it’s chief financial officer will resign. By doing this they made their clog loving fans alarmed and rumors of the company shutting down started to spread. In reality, crocs closing down the last of their manufacturing facilities was just a move to cut costs and boost earnings. Crocs decided to calm down the panic by releasing a quote to CBS news.


“There have been multiple media reports that Crocs is winding down production in our owned manufacturing facilities. While accurate, some people have interpreted that to mean that Crocs will no longer be making and selling shoes. Quite the contrary, Crocs will continue to innovate, design and produce the most comfortable shoes on the planet. As we streamline our business to meet growing demand for Crocs, we’re simply shifting production to third parties to increase our manufacturing capacity,” the company stated.


So don’t worry about the beloved clogs shutting down, they aren’t going anywhere. The only place Crocs should be going is on your feet.