The Beginning of the Race


Kadey Romero

The Olympians huddle around each other and get prepped for the race.

Kadey Romero and Joss Laiz Diaz

A new season begins with new goals and opportunities for the girls cross country team. The team starts the season with new goals, including a major one: building up the family.

“Our goals are to have everyone coming to practice, working together, and breaking personal records,” sophomore Kaylin Dehart said.

This year the team is focused on better improving themselves to become the best possible. 

“I do not think there are any major improvements that need to be made but there’s always room for more improvement upward,” Dehart said. 

 With having the team set goals, they’re already achieving something greater; a bond.

“As a team we are all supportive of each other and we all love hanging out with each other. Everybody is basically a friend to everyone,” sophomore Olivia Gray said.

The cross country team is capable of handling losses well by “analyzing a race” and practicing skills that they may have lacked at that time. Connecting with each other has also seemed to help the team by improving “attitude and performance”. 

One thing for sure is that the team does not lack any strong relationships at all. 

“I think that the relationships we form in cross country are very strong. “It’s almost like your very own running family.”We are all very close and help each other even outside of practice,” Dehart said. 

“We’re like a big family with all different types of personalities. No girl is the same.” Gray said.

So if you’re ever really interested in joining cross country, take these words from Dehart to push you to do so. 

“If you are even remotely interested in cross country you should definitely try it out even if you are not fast we still have plenty of runners that would be glad to help you and run with you,” Dehart said.