Friday Feuds: Block Scheduling vs Regular Scheduling


Design By: Savannah Wells

As we approach the end of the first quarter, students' opinions on block scheduling have begun to form. Check out both opinions of the new year below!
For many students, block scheduling has been stressful. The change is not only the schedule but also longer mods has worried a lot of students. As for me, I personally find this to be a welcoming change. Longer class periods have given me more time to process new information. Also, with the altering days, everyone gets a break from the class, giving them more time to complete the assignments. Not having homework due the next day is a lifesaver for me, considering my sports schedule and lack of a resource. Although the lunchtimes can be inconvenient, having only four periods in a day makes the time fly by. By the end of school, I am not tired and worn out like I was last year. This new addition also gets me more excited about having new classes every day. Because of block scheduling, the school has now become less of a burden and more of an enjoyable environment.
The reason why a regular schedule is better than a block schedule is that classes are shorter and you do not have to sit for 88 minutes. I get tired sitting there and my back begins to ache due to the tough plastic chairs, and late lunch does not start until 1:00. Another challenge is not being able to talk to a specific teacher that you have on B-day if it is an A day. I also don’t like that my least favorite class is longer during block scheduling. However, with regular scheduling, I see the day fly by as if it was nothing. I also would not have to worry about not seeing my teachers on a different day because I can just talk to them when it's most convenient. I just can not stand being in the same seat for 88 minutes at a time.