Meet the Staff: Monica Burton

Emily Ostrom, Staff Reporter

More often than not, a mother and daughter share an unbreakable bond that is different than any other. It is a connection of mutual respect and love for each other. It also goes with a certain amount of being able to read the other and know when they are feeling down.

Junior Monica Burton has this special connection with her mom as well. Her mom is someone she knows she can always count on and will be there for her even if no one else is.

“She just kind of helps me through my problems and she just knows what to say,” Burton said.

Burton knows she can always rely on her mom to give her advice and her mom can help her with what she is going through. Her mom is especially important to her because Burton was adopted at a really young age.

“I was nine months old when my parents adopted me,” Burton said. “They adopted me from an orphanage in Anhui, China.”

Burton’s mom has become the person she is closest to and can talk to her about anything. The relationship between the two is so strong that Burton’s mom can always tell when she is having a bad day without Burton needing to explain anything.

“She kind of anticipates, like she already knows if I’m having a rough day and she can just help me through it,” Burton said.

Burton’s mom also has a way of being able to look at everything in a positive light, making her an easy person to talk to.

“I just end up talking to her about everything,” Burton said.

The relationship Burton has developed with her mom has had such an immense affect on her life. Burton can always count on the unbreakable bond she has with her mom.