Renovation Rundown

As many people already know, the East Auditorium has finally been completed. The auditorium is now open and functional. Auditorium Director, Kevin Welsh, is excited about the changes and is looking forward to being able to use the space after so many months of construction.

“I’m most excited about easy access and comfortable seating for the patrons,” Welsh said.

The seating in the auditorium has been completely redone to comply with ADA guidelines. All of the seats are new, bigger and more comfortable than their predecessors. The floor had to be dug out all the way down to the dirt so that they could pour all-new, less steep ramps. 

“Everyone can get in and get to a good seat easier,” Welsh said.

Along with the new seats, the auditorium also got newly painted walls and all-new railings. The floor is no longer purple and the walls have had beautiful woodwork installed around the acoustic panels.

“The woodwork was done tremendously well and done specifically to match those two pieces that stayed here from the original auditorium,” Welsh said.

The auditorium also got many new, exciting features on the technical side of things. The space has many new lights, including some LEDs, completely new, top-of-the-line speakers that were positioned specifically for the space and a new videography set-up.

“It will be easier to hear everything because of the acoustics that were redone and because of the sound system,” Welsh said.

Aside from just the technical advancements, the space is truly gorgeous. The colors, shapes and woodwork really work to bring the space together to make it a much more cohesive area. 

“The easiest thing for a lot of people is to look around and say “wow this is a beautiful space”,” Welsh said.