New Face in Fashion

Clothing company H&M recently came out with a way to combat the enormous amount of waste produced by clothing that is not in fashion. This new machine, named Loop for its oval-like production process, takes old clothes and after a process of serading, shredding and combining mixed fibers, produces new fabric.

Design By: Allie Hall

H&M is a company set on combating climate change through their efforts as a business. Loop’s main purpose is to remake old clothes to provide more fabric for new clothes. H&M first opened Loop in Sweden on Oct. 12 and has since been used in large quantities by the company as the start of their combat climate change movement. Currently only based in Sweden, Loop may set up shop in the U.S. soon enough. 

With their goal being by 2030 to have all recycled or responsibly sourced materials, H&M is halfway there. Loop has brought them 47 percent closer to their goal and has helped them take great strides as a climate cautious company. 

The large benefit of Loop is that this machine, unlike other clothing recycling companies, uses no water or chemicals in the process. With the progress, Loop has made so far H&M has already eliminated 10 percent of fashion waste emissions and five percent of landfill waste from old clothing. 

It looks like with the way Loop is playing out the U.S. is soon to have one of their own.