The Possible Future of the Brain

Technology is becoming more prominent in the world as time goes on. The advancement of technology and its possibilities could be the next cure, according to Elon Musk. Musk is widely known for his invention of the SpaceX program, Tesla, the Boring Company and the Neuralink.

The Neuralink is a “high bandwidth brain-machine interface to connect humans to computers,” according to the Neuralink official webpage.

Design By: Margo Brunner

In other words, it is a tiny chip that is put into the brain which allows the brain to connect to computers. Musk points out during his pitch of the product that it could be the new cure for anxiety, cancer and other brain illnesses. If scientists can figure out small breakthroughs with these illnesses, then the brain chips can be adjusted to “reset” the brain. “Reset” would mean sending electrical currents to a certain part of the brain in hopes to stimulate the brain where it lacks due to the illness.

While Musk is saying that it is a breakthrough, many people are concerned about the installation, the cost of it all, and even the possibility of the government gaining control. According to research, there is no defined cost but it is believed that it will be like a monthly subscription where you pay a down fee to get it installed and then monthly fees to continue to use it. The installation process is done by a robot called the “sewing robot,” which is said to cost around $10-$20 million to build per robot.

He describes the process as drilling a two-millimeter hole into the person’s skull where the chip is placed and the chip functions wirelessly. The process is said to be quick and easy with it only lasting about a few hours at the most. 

“I could have a Neuralink in right now and you wouldn’t know,” Musk said.

Musk has given insight that he is in the process of testing the chips on pigs as of right now, but many people are scared for them to be used in humans. Many people think that it will allow the government to have full control over the human body and that the chips could be hacked by anyone. 

While Musk is thinking ahead to the possible future of technology, many are skeptical of the true purpose. Should someone allow Musk to put a brain chip in their head knowing that it could be used for not only good but also bad?

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