Peggy Myers Receives Edna V. Folger Outstanding Teacher Award

The Edna V. Folger Outstanding Teacher Award is given to teachers who have demonstrated teaching excellence and to those who are willing to go above and beyond with their devotion. Sponsored by IUPUI, the Edna V. Folger Award recognizes a teacher who has altered both her students and her classroom atmosphere. 

Former Olympian and President of Best Buddies Olivia Linemann decided to nominate Peggy Myers from East. Linemann thought it fit for Myers to receive the award and the recognition it would bring due to being influenced by her attitude and teachings.

Adelfo Perez-Gonzalez

Myers leads programs at East such as the Coffee Cart, Best Buddies, and Unified Track.

The award was given on May 21 in the East library. The ceremony was a surprise to Myers. 

“I was absolutely stunned, I had no idea what was going on.” Myers said, “I feel very honored.” 

Myers has dedicated her time to better improve the Best Buddies program and to make East a more welcoming place than what it already is. Everyone has a place here at East and Myers is persistent in reaching out to students and letting them know.

“I work hard, very hard, to do the right thing and to do what’s in students best interest,” Myers said, “It’s nice to know that others know I will always do what is best for the students.”

Myers has worked endlessly in the past to contribute to the spirit of the East. Yet her dreams do not stop here. Myers still has plans for the programs she contributes to that will better improve the lives of students.

“East is very unique. The teachers, the students especially.” Myers said, “I would like to do projects that allow the students to be excited and engaged and for us to have an inclusive program.”