Wind Energy Comes Closer to Reality


Meadow Lake Wind Farm, located in northern Indiana, produces over 800 megawatts of power. Spread over White County, Jasper County, and Benton County the 414 turbines can be seen on both sides of Interstate 65. The turbines are operated by EDP Renewables North America. EDP plans to construct a visitors center on I-65 to inform people about the turbines and the common misconceptions regarding them. 

The size of the turbines may be deceptive from a car window passing on the Interstate. The average wind turbine stands at about 280-300ft tall, around the size of the Statue of Liberty. Wind farms can generate power on a massive scale that solar panels cannot; turbines produce more power than solar panels as well. 

One wind turbine can generate the same amount of energy as 48,704 solar panels. However, wind turbines are significantly more expensive than solar panels. Solar panels do not need the long term maintenance costs that turbines do. Wind is an unpredictable energy source; wind comes and goes, but the sun shines every day. With that being said, turbines produce energy in the day and night, while panels cannot. Panels use more resources to create energy, and solar panels release carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. 

Residents that live near wind turbines have their pros and cons. Farmers that lease their land have reached generous deals with the government and EDP Renewables. The county and residents receive checks just for living by them as well, however residents complain of loud noise throughout the night, constant daily shadow flicker and sound pressure levels. Residents claim negative impacts overall on their quality of life.