Environmental Club Renovates

With a new year beginning, East’s Environmental Club has begun their mission to make the world a better place. This year, the Environmental Club has decided to remodel East’s greenhouse and make it a more enjoyable place for students to begin planting. Sophomore Grace McMahon is a part of the Environmental Club and is helping with the remodel. 

“I think the general plan is to…make it a better place for students to go up there and…actually take part in planting,” McMahon said.

The Environmental Club is not the only one helping to remodel the greenhouse, however. Together, both the Agriculture class and Environmental Club have begun to work on making the greenhouse a better place to learn. 

“One of the things we have to do is…we’re collaborating with Mr. Ulrich and his Agriculture class… there’s chicks and turtles up there,” McMahon said. 

So far, the club has started the cleaning process with no set time that the greenhouse will be finished. The club visits the greenhouse every four weeks to work on the redesigning, switching on and off between working on the reputable Environmental Club mural and the greenhouse. 

“We’ve gone up there a couple of times…we were starting to sweep up some of the desks that are in there, doing a bit of sweeping,” McMahon said. 

The club is slowly accumulating and continues to look for more members to join and help out with their projects. The Environmental Club meets every other Tuesday during advisory, and encourages those who wish to help not only the club, but the environment, to join.