Friday Feuds: College Football vs. the NFL

Drew Hasson and Dane Denniston

Dane (NFL)

The National Football League consists of the best players in the world, which makes the overall level of play better than college football. The biggest change in the game is the speed of the players. There are so many teams in college that run the option because the quarterback is faster than all of the defensive linemen and linebackers. College football defenses allow too many points and rely heavily on the offense keeping the team in the game. NFL teams keep the score low and make the games more interesting. The NFL also has such a high level of play that gives every team the possibility of winning, while in college there are teams like Alabama University that beat small schools by fifty or more points. The NFL has better teams, closer games, and is the highlight of sports in the fall weekends.

Drew (CFB)

The popularity of college football has grown over the past two years. The college football committee implemented a new playoff rule where a group of 12 people decide the top four teams from the season. Each team in college football has its own set of unique play style. In the NFL, almost all 32 of the teams use the exact same offensive and defensive sets. The variety of offensive play style makes college football much more interesting to watch than the NFL. In the NFL all of the players are good, so it's sometimes hard to have absolute standout players. In CFB, there are players that can dominate the game on offense or defense. Those are the type of guys that make CFB a lot of fun to watch.

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