Friday Feud: The Epic Frozen Movies

Friday Feud: The Epic Frozen Movies

Ethan Glaid

After being crowned one of the greatest princess movies of our time, Frozen finally released its sequel. However the question still remains, does it live up to the original?

Corbin- Frozen

Nothing can ever beat the classics. The original “Frozen” movie broke the box offices and made it one of the most profitable princess films in Disney history. Its crazy plot twist and amazing soundtrack are what really sets it apart from its sequel, “Frozen 2. The plot throughout the movie keeps the audience involved and wondering what will truly happen next. The soundtrack of the movie is another major factor in the movie’s success. Elsa’s powerful solo combined with Anna and Hans’ duet provides catchy songs that grab the audience’s attention and truly sets the film apart from the sequel. 




Ethan- Frozen II

Now we all understand how groundbreaking the original “Frozen” film was and how it was quickly classified as a “classic.” However, its relatively boring plotline and overplayed “anthems” create an absolute snooze fest compared to the recently released “Frozen 2.” The emotional and tear-jerking plotline is what truly makes this the better frozen film. When Elsa becomes frozen in the ice and Anna takes over her role as queen alongside her true love, Kristoff, it creates a very powerful effect on the audience. While this film may not be seen as an “instant classic” right away it will eventually top the cake as one of the greatest princess movies of all time.