Caucus Chaos

Monica Burton, Managing Editor

Ever since Donald Trump became president, half of America has been focused on kicking him out of office. Their many attempts have been unsuccessful with the impeachment trial not looking very hot. However, those who would like Trump gone are finally given a chance to elect a new president with the upcoming 2020 Presidential Election. To kick off the race, the first caucuses were located in Iowa on Feb. 4, 2020. 

Since President Trump will most likely be the Republican nominee, all of America is watching and waiting to see which Democratic candidate will secure their spot as the nominee. Potential candidates from the Democratic party include Joe Biden, Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren and former South Bend, IN mayor, Pete Buttigieg. 

The primary race held every four years in November is made of a series of elections called primaries and caucuses that take place in all 50 states, Washington D.C. and outlying territories. A caucus is where each party holds a long meeting to determine who they want their candidate to be. The majority of states hold primary elections instead of caucuses, which is where citizens would go to the usual polling place to cast their votes or send in their selections online or through the mail. These primary elections are held between February to May. Some states, such as Iowa, hold caucuses instead of a primary election. The Iowa caucuses are incredibly influential because this election shows Americans what support these candidates have. The candidate’s primary goal is to gain the most support. The caucuses and primary elections are to determine the nominee for each party. They do not decide who the president will be. 

However, the Iowa caucuses on Monday ran into a roadblock with their results. A system-wide meltdown prevented the results from being delivered. The reporting methods for this process failed, with the main reason of this problem being from a new app that was supposed to streamline reporting. The app crashed and the results were delayed. Even Tuesday morning, no results had been posted. Many democrats and those over the caucuses were embarrassed because of this hiccup. 

The outcome of the caucuses finally started to pour in late Tuesday evening. Surprisingly, Pete Buttigieg won, but Bernie Sanders was a close second. All of the candidates are headed to New Hampshire for the next upcoming primaries, which will be held Feb. 11. 

The 2020 Presidential Election is bound to be very eventful. Over the next few months, all eyes will be on the Democratic contenders as the American people get the chance to watch these politicians battle it out.