National and Local Coronavirus Updates

Gaby Heredia, Content Editor

The infamous disease that seems to be traveling the world is continuing to get worse as the days go on. President Donald Trump just declared the pandemic of COVID-19 (Coronavirus) a national emergency. The term national emergency can have many definitions attached to it, which can lead to many unnecessary rumors. 

When a president declares a national emergency, they are able to tap into an array of powers under executive powers. These 136 powers identified by the Brennan Center for Justice range anywhere from the military, land, public health and agriculture. There are currently 31 ongoing national emergencies, adding another one over the virus today. 

President Trump stated the action will “open up $50 billion [for state and federal governments]” when he declared a national emergency. The money will waive a number of requirements meant to benefit doctors to be able fight the virus, including waiving interest on all student loans held by government agencies. Tests and screenings have also been a big concern. According to President Trump and his team, they are expecting “half a million additional tests to be available early next week.” This means that 1.4 million tests will be available within the week and five million in the next month. Trump did mention that this number is beyond what the nation will need, but the main goal is to stop the spread of the virus. 

Hitting a little closer to home, BCSC released a closure statement regarding the virus. Students’ and staff’s spring breaks just got extended by two weeks. School will still be happening but will be under eLearning protocol and students will be expected to go on itsLearning each school day starting Monday, March 23. 

Athletes and those in extracurricular activities are now also behind schedule as all school-related activities are suspended beginning Monday, March 16. This is all to prioritize the safety of staff, students and parents as well as working on containing the virus. BCSC  considered the schedule from observations from communities around the nation  

BCSC will provide updated specifics on the school closure by Wednesday, March 18.