The Fight For Prom

Shelby Morrow, Photography Editor

Prom is a special event that many kids start to think about at a young age. The dance is a night for memories and fun. These special, fun moments are what make prom night super important to the upperclassmen of Bartholomew Consolidated School Corporation (BCSC), but now these moments might never get to be experienced.

On March 19, the company Weber Event Productions, who helped plan the BCSC 2020 prom, made an update on Facebook. The update included what would be happening to prom since its original date on May 2 was canceled due to the coronavirus. 

“We at the Weber Event Productions have heard your pleas to save your prom as well. Our answer is YES!” they stated in their Facebook post.

This all started when BCSC said that prom would be canceled, but they never included if there was a chance of rescheduling it. Therefore, a petition was made to have the 2020 prom rescheduled. The petition was being shared on Facebook, Snapchat and Instagram. Throughout all of high school, prom is the one thing that students look forward to, and having that taken away can be saddening. Making a petition is a potential way to give that special moment back to students.

Due to the efforts of the BCSC juniors, seniors and even parents, prom is said to be pushed back depending on the conditions of the coronavirus. Efforts are being put forth to try and figure out if it is possible or not. Most people believe it will occur during summer or fall of the next school year if it were to happen but this is not truly known yet.

To stay updated, keep an eye out on the CEHS News website,any BCSC notifications or any Facebook updates from Weber Event Production.