Ask Alli


Alli Barnette, Staff Reporter

What do I do when someone I hate tries to be friends with me?

You should start off by reevaluating your feelings. Why do you hate them? Did they do something to you that you can not forgive? Is it something you can get over? If you feel like you can not get over what they did but they are persistent about being friends with you, maybe talk to them about it. If they want to be your friend they probably like you. I am sure they are willing to talk through whatever they did that made you hate them, and hopefully, you guys can get along and become friends. Sometimes people can naturally hate other people from something they have heard. Reevaluate your feelings and try to work it out. Just be real and mature about the situation. 

What has been your hardest struggle this year?

My hardest struggle has probably been staying motivated. There are days where I do not want to get out of bed and do my work. I just have to remind myself that I will feel better after I do it. Like when I do not want to go to a long shift at work, I have to remind myself why I work and how nice my paycheck will be. Sometimes we do not want to do something, but it is a good thing to do. 

What are ways to stay happy in quarantine? 

Do what you love. I know you can not go to school and see friends, and maybe you can not go to work. Just do things that make you happy. I have been making myself go outside every day because vitamin D from the Sun can make you happy as it is. Normally I go for a bike ride or take a walk with my family. I also watch movies, like rom-coms, with my sister almost every night. Just try to find things that you like doing and do them daily because what else is there to do. Stay home, have fun and stay safe!