Feature Athlete: Malachi Parks


Cristen Martinez

Senior Malachi Parks scrambles outside the pocket.

North vs. East rivalry week is the biggest sports week of the year no matter the season. There is no other way to end such a monumental week than the big football game on Friday night. And this year’s game definitely did not disappoint.

Everyone on the team gave it their all and finally upset the North Bulldogs 35-31 after four long years of a losing drought. But if there was one person that stood above everyone else, it would be senior Malachi Parks. 

Finishing the game with a total of 154 passing yards and 2 passing touchdowns, Parks could not be stopped from throwing the ball to his receivers. Not only could he not be stopped in throwing, he was a force to be reckoned with running the ball as well. He finished the game with a total of 104 rushing yards and one rushing touchdown on 23 carries. 

After this game, Parks has made himself a solid member of this team, and is here to stay. 

Q: How does it feel to be selected as athlete of the week? 

A: I feel really blessed to be selected for this. Since there are so many great athletes here at East, it means a lot to be picked. 

Q: How did you prepare for such an important game? 

A: The team and I spent a lot of time watching film that our coaches put together. We also spent a lot of time studying the scouting report and learning how North plays. Lastly, we went really hard in practice knowing that they were going into a really tough game. So going into the game, I felt very confident. 

Q: What made you and your team so successful on Friday? 

A: The coaching staff and scouting team helped us a lot in being successful. Having them prepare us for the big game was very helpful. And the team itself working really hard during the practices and during the game helped a lot too. 

Q: How do you think you and your team can learn from the win against North? 

A: The main lesson that us as a team can take is to never give up. Knowing that the game literally came down to the last seconds, we can learn to keep playing until the game is completely over. It also builds up the character of the team. While there were a lot of ups and downs during the game, we pulled through and got the win. I am very proud of our team, it was a great game, and even more, a huge win.