Feature Athlete: Alana Dwenger


Margo Brunner

Senior Alana Dwenger shoots the ball.

The East girls soccer team has been nothing less than amazing this year. With an overall record of 10-5 and a conference record of 6-0, East regularly finds themselves knocking out opponents by multiple goals a game. For senior Alana Dwenger, scoring goals has been her job for the past 3 seasons, and her final season is no different. Dwenger has a total of 31 goals and 11 assists through 15 games this season with 7 of these goals coming in the past 4 games. 

Currently, Dwenger is only 4 goals away from tying her own sister’s record for the all-time goals scored for East girl’s team. With at least two games left before her final season ends, and how well Dwenger is playing right now, Dwenger tying the all-time goal record is a great possibility. 

Q: How does it feel to get chosen as the Feature Athlete?

A: It feels good, and I’m thankful that you chose me. I hope I can fulfill your expectations. 

Q: How do you prepare for each game? Any Rituals? Or superstitions you do before every game?

A: I prepare for each game by listening to the same songs on the same pre-game CD in my car I’ve had for 2-3 years. 

Q: What made you and your team so successful in the past couple of games?

A: My team has been successful because we keep working. I normally come out of every game thinking that everyone on the field played their hearts out, especially our defense who never seems to quit. 

Q: How do you think you can continue to keep up the good work as an individual and as a whole team?

A: I think we just have to keep learning how each other plays and keep working. My teammates already do so much to help me out on the field. I wouldn’t have been as successful if I didn’t have them.