Caroline’s Craft Corner: DIY Stickers

Stickers have been all the rage lately. They have appeared on water bottles, phones, laptops and many other objects. Now it is possible to actually make them

yourself in six easy steps.

Caroline Emerick


Color printed images

Wax paper

Packing tape (clear works best)



  1. Find and print off any images from online. 
  2. Carefully cut around the edges of the image.
  3. Using your wax paper, lay it out on your work surface and then place two to three strips of packing tape on top of it. You may need to use more depending on the width of the image.
  4. Now set the cut out image on top of the tape.
  5. Cover the image with the same number of strips of packing tape you used before.
  6. Lasty, cut out the finished sticker and peel off the wax paper.

Happy crafting!