Who Wore it Best: What’s in this Fall Season


Design By: Margo Brunner

Fall is always a good time to extend your creative horizons, whether it be mentally or physically. A great way to express this growing creativity is through different styles as the weather gets colder. Expanding this sense can also improve your inner confidence. Here are some trends that have caught my attention this season. 

Dainty/Chain Jewelry 

Dainty Jewelry has a simple yet sophisticated look to it. It is something that you can dress up or down and the style will never die.

Clashed Patterns

Something more daring that many would see as weird would be the ability to clash patterns that seem to have nothing in common. This is something that many major design labels do and it adds a little more spice to everyday clothing items. 


The monochrome look is a go-to for me when I have no idea what to wear. This look is simple and straightforward and makes everyday outfits stand out. 

Big Pants & Chunky Shoes

A style that has made a reappearance this fall is the big pants with chunky shoes. This is a more bold look and allows for many different combinations as the weather gets colder. Pants can be dressed up or down, depending on the shoes and the top of choice. Definitely a go-to for fall and winter.

These different looks are just some ideas if you want to mix things up. Regardless, you should wear whatever you feel comfortable and confident in because your clothes are about you.