Working While In School

Design By: Margo Brunner

Design By: Margo Brunner

As teenagers start to grow up, they take on more responsibilities. They get their license, they begin to make important decisions on their own, and perhaps the most stressful one, they get their first job. 

Making your own decisions comes with hanging out with more people more often. You will not be able to depend on your parents for much longer so getting a job is required for those who wish to have extra ‘walking around money’ to spend while with their friends.

Teenagers have a lot of stress on their back and the question is, can students in highschool balance a job while still doing well in school? The answer actually depends on who you look at.

Nowadays, students tend to have more work and school-related stress. There is more homework and a lot of stress around getting into a good college. Some students do not have enough time for anything else between homework, extracurriculars and keeping a social life.

According to Pew Research Center, over half of all U.S teens had a job or at least worked for money. Now, less than a third of all teens have a job. For some, there is simply not enough time in the day to have so much on their plate at once.

However, depending on what you are a part of and what your schedule looks like, it is very possible to balance school and a job. Having good time management skills is important for the real world and practicing these skills now could set you up for a very successful future.