Quick Money: Easy Ways For Teens to Make Money


Design By: Ally Piatowski

Balancing school work, athletics and spending time with friends and family is hard enough for high school students that it leaves it near impossible for them to add a job to the mix. However, most parents are not willing to give their kids an endless amount of money, which leaves them facing the issue of being a broke teenager that is unable to get a job to fix that issue. 

Having a part time job or side hustle becomes the easiest option for teenagers. Creating a selling clothes account on Instagram has been a popular option, generally for girls, to make a couple bucks on the side. A few boys have created their own account as well and even turned it into a larger second hand business. 

A junior at Columbus North, Ethan Lax, created the Instagram thrift business known as Columbus Vintage that has over 1,000 followers and sells out nearly every collection. Aside from Lax’s popular second hand business, boys have been selling their gently used shoes to each other to make a few bucks on the side. 

Other than selling second hand clothing to your Instagram followers, babysitting and mowing lawns are two options that are always available and easily fit into a teenager’s busy schedule. These options also prepare teens in a skill set they will need once they are older, such as caring for younger children and handling yard work. 

Even if these ideas are not your style and desperate times call for desperate measures, just reflect on your younger self’s entrepreneur skills of having a lemonade stand with homemade cookies on a hot day.