Is Government Moral?

Design By: Margo Brunner

Design By: Margo Brunner

Is Government Moral? The argument is not to imply that government is unnecessary, or that society should be run by anarchy. Rather, I want to look at the moral standing of the idea of a government, and whether or not the concept is morally justifiable.

Taking time to consider the role that governments usually play in society brings up valid reasoning to the argument that it is not morally permissible. The basic concept of a government is simple: a group of people that rule over the land. 

Knowing that no government can achieve utopia (read my article “The Paradox of Utopia” for further details), all governments must decide what aspects, or more specifically, people to gloss over or put at a disadvantage. 

How, as a society, can only a select number of individuals morally decide to put others behind the eight ball, and others in a very advantageous position? What gives Donald Trump or Nancy Pelosi the right to decide who qualifies for a stimulus check? Who gives them the right to say that dependents aged between 17 and 24 do not receive a check, but a person who just turned 25 yesterday does? 

The requirements seem arbitrary, so why do they not give everyone a check? Great job, the 30-year-old construction worker who was just laid-off is now receiving the same amount of money as a baby who was born last week. What gives the government the right to do that? The baby did not earn a check as much as the laid-off worker did.

Again, I clarify that government is necessary for a functioning society. Despite this, the morality of an operating government is too often overlooked, let alone challenged by the public. Next time the news comes on, be sure to take a look and ask, “What gives them the right?”