Holidays That Should Exist

There are many days of the year dedicated to holidays that are questioned whether or not they should be remembered as National Holidays. Since there are days such as, Talk Like a Pirate Day or Arbor Day, why not add a few more since the total amount is increasing every year. 

These were some of the best responses for holidays that should exist and be celebrated.

National Nap Day: With the increasing amount of homework and other obligations such as sports and/or clubs, sleep is not as prioritized as it should. Once a year, the celebration of National Nap Day will help individuals to be rested and obtain more sleep in order to feel better mentally and physically.

Photo Credit: Fulfillment USA

National Netflix Day: Once a year, besides the regular watching of Netflix, anyone can watch Netflix all day and would not have to do any other tasks. 

National Kids Appreciation Day: Since parents and grandparents have their own appreciation day, kids should be appreciated as well, since they were the ones that allowed their family members to become parents and grandparents. 

National No Homework Day/Catch Up Day: For one day a year or more, if teachers would love to be their student’s favorite, teachers would not be allowed to give out homework in any class and students can catch up on any missing or late work.

There were many other National Holidays that were suggested such as National Free Bobby Shmurda Day, National Ginger Day, National Goodwill Day, National Day After Super Bowl and National Game Day. Overall, there are a ton of ridiculously strange holidays that exist and hopefully many more to come.