What is Humanity’s Purpose On Earth?

Design By: Margo Brunner

Design By: Margo Brunner

This debate has raged within intellectual circles for millennia. Does humanity serve one overarching purpose, or does each individual have their own separate purpose?

I am here to present a paradoxical view on the topic, one that will probably end up raising more questions than answers, but one that fits the question as enveloping as possible. 

As always, the nature of this piece is not meant to denounce any religious belief or practice (or cult beliefs for that matter, if anyone is into that). This piece is simply meant to provide a perspective that serves to provide a hypothetical thesis to life’s existential questions. 

Humanity’s purpose is in fact overarching. The purpose: to be an individual. Yes, that answer is basically the same as asking the question, a Michael Scott-Esque synopsis. 

Every individual’s broad purpose is the same: to serve their own individual goals and purposes. So in essence, each individual participates in the achievement of humanity’s ultimate goal through the achievement of the individual’s ultimate goal.

Like every movie hero during the scene when the hacker is explaining what he’s doing to get into the enemy’s server, let me put this in English. 

The ultimate goal of humanity is to achieve individualism. So, if a person’s individual purpose, to themself, for example, is to raise kids, if that person raises kids, by way of achieving their own goal, they have also contributed to the overarching humanity goal of individual achievement. 

For the executive summary version of this story, read the following: keep being awesome, and basically, congratulations on saving the world.