Saying Goodbye to Soccer Season

Nothing has been close to normal this year, but even with a global pandemic the Lady Os stayed positive through their season. Alana Dwenger is a senior on the varsity team and this season has been her strangest.

“With the new rules and regulations for COVID-19, there were a few differences. For example, when coming to and from the fields we had to wear masks and we had to place our bags 6 feet apart from each other. Also, senior night was held at the beginning of the season instead of the end,” Dwenger said.

Obviously, this season was different from the others, but it did go well. Kathleen Soedel is a junior on the varsity team and is pleased with how the season went.

“I think the team started to get better by the end of the season once we got a few wins. There were definitely a lot of ups and downs especially when we had to change our formation.” Soedel said.

The girls worked very hard to have a successful season while also running through the hurdles that COVID-19 kicked towards them. Thankfully, the hard work pushed the girls closer together. 

“My favorite memory from this season is the bus rides, where we were able to sing, laugh, and just have fun together.” Dwenger said.

This is Dwenger’s last season of soccer. She has been playing on the field since she was three and is one of the most successful players on the team. 

“It was definitely bittersweet. I hate to see anything end and I will definitely miss everyone on my team, but growing up and moving on is a part of life. I will go to college and possibly play there. I will always come back and watch the East games.” Dwenger said.

With Dwenger leaving the team after this year, her teammates wonder how it will be next season.

“There’s only going to be three seniors so that will be interesting.” Soedel said. 

While teammates go, even more come into the team. Dwenger has a few last words before she leaves.

“I hope that underclassmen see how resilient they are. We had a lot of obstacles thrown at us and for the most part we handled them extremely well. I hope they learned to have fun, even in the work heavy and serious times. I’m proud of all of them and I can’t wait to see how they grow as players,” Dwenger said.