The Things Not Comprehendable

Design By: Margo Brunner

Design By: Margo Brunner

It’s an often asked question: “Why do people never experience death in dreams?”

This question is most often wondered after the free-falling dream when someone wakes up in the middle of a fall from a high building.

Facing certain death, the person braces for impact, only to jump out from under the sheets in a cold sweat. Why do people always wake up right before hitting the ground?

The question is surprisingly easy to answer. The human mind has never experienced what death is like. 

Since the mind has never experienced death, then it does not have any way to portray this experience through visuals or feelings. The mind simply stops when it gets to the next chapter.

Conversely, the mind cannot comprehend what existed before the beginning of time. What existed before… existence? 

This is in no way a question of religion or anything of the type, but even if a higher being were to be the creator of existence, where did it come from? Was the world just black and then… voila there is existence? 

What about the concept of infinity? Scientists are still debating whether or not the universe is infinite or finite. 

If the universe is finite, what lies at and beyond the edge? On the opposite end of the spectrum, if the universe is infinite, what caps the edge, and what marks the threshold between the universe and not the universe?

These questions will most likely not be solved by this generation, or for generations to come, but what is important to take away from these questions is the limits of our mind. 

There are things in the universe that are unanswered, and that is okay. If everything was answered and explained away, what would be the fun of exploring? If the question, “why does she not like me back,” was as simple as a BuzzFeed quiz, then the journey of love would be squashed.

Some things in life may never be answered, but do not let that steer away from the curious world that exists before mankind today.